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overview › March 14, 2013

Programme Committee Adopts  Keynote Speakers and Symposia

On 1 March 2013, the programme committee adopted the keynote speakers and symposia for the OTWorld 2014 World Congress.

Throughout the congress, seven renowned experts will make keynote presentations in their special disciplines with thematic relevance for technical orthopaedics. Following the individual keynote presentations, visitors to the congress will have the opportunity for personal discussions with the presenters in “Meet the Speaker” events.

The persons in charge made preliminary allocations of many other special topics to interdisciplinary symposia with high-level contributors and adopted them at the meeting.

The next programme committee meeting will be held in Berlin in November 2013. The papers that have been submitted and evaluated will be integrated into the structure of the congress. Technicians, engineers, therapists, and physicians may submit lectures and poster presentations by 15 September 2013. All submissions must be made using the online form.

In addition, events are planned on the following topics:

  • Rehabilitation in the domestic environment / maintaining independence in old age (AAL) / living with a disability
  • Vascular system and orthoses
  • Orthopaedic technology, rehabilitation technology and physical therapy: when and how much?
  • The child’s foot
  • Phantom pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Primary care of category B trauma
  • Interdisciplinary consultation
  • Evaluating orthopaedic technology / Treatment pathways
  • Current trends in residual limb surgery
  • Amputation surgery of the diabetic foot   

The programme committee invites you to participate with a presentation. The congress office accepts submissions at congress @



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