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Full exhibition and congress halls and fully satisfied exhibitors and visitors

OTWorld in Leipzig continues to grow.

20,400 visitors came streaming into the International Trade Show and World Congress at the Leipzig Fair and Exhibition Centre, which opened this year for the first time under its new name of "OTWorld". More than a third of the visitors came from outside Germany, as did almost half of the exhibitors. Visitors from over 80 countries came to find out about the new products and ideas available in the sector.

With an area of 44,000 square metres in two exhibition halls, this years OTWorld was the largest event in its history to date and was able to record an increase in floor space of 5 percent. And visitor numbers were also up by 5 percent in comparison to the 2012 figures.

The visitors to OTWorld came to Leipzig from over 80 countries. Every second visitor was one of the top decision makers in his/her company. More than anything else, they were interested in the new products and the trends in the sector. That way, they were able to get an overview of the market and took away with them inspiration for their own work. High in the popularity stakes were the professional development sessions, the opportunity to learn more and gain specific information about products, techniques and services.

The World Congress and the leading international trade show were, from a content point of view, an ideal complement to one another and facilitated discussions at all levels.

The two special displays The Healthcare Supplies Centre of the Future, aimed at surgical stores, and the Technical Rehabilitation Forum also engendered considerable enthusiasm. In the Showcase Workshop of the Technical Rehabilitation Forum there were live demonstrations of the manufacture and fitting of seat support orthoses for wheel chairs. Being able to look over the shoulder of experienced rehabilitation technicians as they work proved well worth it for the enthusiastic rehabilitation technicians at the show, and was very highly rated by them.

The exhibitors were extremely satisfied with the way the event had been run and their comments have been universally positive. Norbert Aumann, Managing Director of Otto Bock HealthCare Deutschland GmbH, for example, puts it this way: "The happy union between OTWorld and Leipzig continues. The event has reached a point where it now enjoys considerable national and international status. The new, more manageable title was very much a step in the right direction – OTWorld is now even easier to market on an international level."

Traci B. Dralle, Director of Marketing, Fillauer, was equally enthusiastic: "All in all, our coming here has been a great success. We had visitors from all over the world, including from Brazil, Russia, and the Middle East …. indeed Germans seemed to be in the minority! The whole event was really well organised and everybody was very friendly and efficient."

The next OTWorld is to be held in Leipzig from 3 to 6 May 2016. Chair of the Scientific Committee will be Professor Frank Braatz (MD), from the Göttingen Private University of Applied Sciences (Private Fachhochschule Göttingen) / and the University Hospital (Universitätsmedizin Göttingen).


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