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Meeting of the Reha working group in Hamburg

Sitting, standing, lying, walking – meeting of the Reha working group in Hamburg

The Reha working group met during the rehaKind conference in Hamburg.

In view of the success of the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation, the participants agreed – the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation concept will be continued in 2014. At its core is the complexity of fitting patients with orthopaedic devices. One-of-a-kind devices are the norm, patent remedies are the exception, and solutions are as varied as the patients and their problems. In 2014, the focus of the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation will therefore again be on the craft as the crucial interface between device and person. Here you can experience how much craftsmanship and sensitivity is needed to enable children to sit, stand, lie, and walk without pain – something that is taken for granted by every healthy person but is the first major hurdle for the quality of life for those affected.

Teamwork is especially important when making an orthopaedic device – physician, physical therapist, manufacturer, orthopaedic technician and paying party must work well together or the patient will be the one to suffer. The 2014 Technical Forum for Rehabilitation will allow visitors to experience this interaction and discover how much expertise is needed for sitting, standing, lying and walking. 

Here you can find more information about the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation.


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