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OTWorld 2014: Congress programme online!

Multifaceted and interdisciplinary – the programme for the OTWorld 2014 congress is online!

“Join the progress” is the slogan for OTWorld. The programme of the interdisciplinary world congress shows clearly why the OTWorld 2014 is worth a visit – science and research meet training and practice. The who’s who from the world of craftsmanship, academics, and research and the entire industry come together under this motto. The interdisciplinary world congress also has a high-quality, practice-based continuing education programme.

The congress programme includes several symposia, free papers, and satellite events organised in cooperation with professional associations.

Every day, two renowned keynote speakers present papers on topical subjects in their field. There will be opportunities for discussion in the “How to treat?” forum, in which specialists make compelling, practice-based demonstrations of how specific diseases are treated and what the fitting options are.

In addition to the academic lecture programme, there will be a structured poster exhibition with guided tours.

In the new practice-based course programme, the focus is on the topics orthopaedic technology, orthopaedic shoes, physiotherapy and lymphology. Medical and physiotherapy interfaces will also be examined. The courses can be booked without an admission ticket to the congress – a ticket for the trade show is sufficient.

The programme committee and the congress office are looking forward to the presence of renowned top-grade speakers for the congress programme. Prosthetists and orthotists, orthopaedic shoemakers, engineers, physicians and therapists can expect a multifaceted, international congress programme.


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